UK Cop Who Killed An Innocent …



Ex-Police Constable Simon Harwood, was belatedly sacked by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) yesterday with his full pension and benefits. His conduct directly led to the death of an innocent member of the public.

How the MPS can considers itself competent and satisfied with such a trivial gesture so many years too late is shameful. To attempt to buy-off the family of the innocent member of the public that was prey to Harwood’s clinical disturbing degree of rage is shameful.

How was Harwood able to lie and be re-employed by the police and his record of previous violent outbursts against innocent people and Harwood’s attempts to fabricate innocent people should have required immediate dismissal without any pension rights. How was Harwood able to benefit from sick leave and benefits while awaiting trial and the inquest should he repay the State, or victim’s family?

Why has this been allowed to take place by the MPS is shameful and unacceptable?

Hopefully, Victim Support will publicly campaign for the support of the dead man’s family (Mr Ian Tomlinson). Mr Tomlinson was an innocent victim of violent crime and as such a miscarriage of justice is being allowed to take place. (See YouTube video footage)

Again, the UK statutory bodies and central government departments have nothing to be proud about and have failed to win public confidence.

Justice Working in Manchester, UK …

Too often innocent crime victims families in the UK are denied justice.  For a change, justice was working in Manchester thanks to the combined quality diligence of police and multi-partnership agencies that ensured a killer received thirty-year prison sentence at Manchester Crown Court, England.

Mr Anuj Bidve, was a gifted graduate student with a professional career ahead of him. Kiaran Stapleton from a dysfunctional family background and diagnosis of anti-social personality disorder. The victim had already achieved so much, and the killer, had never achieved anything. The murder was ‘motiveless’.

The remorseless performance in court Stapleton shows why society needs to be protected from such psychopathic individuals. In a country reeling from oppressive and chaotic government it is good to know justice can still work in the UK. Well done to all the multi-partnerships teams in Manchester that forged the progress from investigation to sentencing!

N-DUBZ singer, Dappy, in his record has called for the release of the murderer of headteacher Philip Lawrence …

N-DUBZ’s, Dappy, in his new record has ‘called’ for the release of the murderer of headteacher Mr Philip Lawrence murdered by Leo Chindamo in London 1995. Chindamo breached his (Ministry of Justice) License a few years ago by meeting-up with a gang member, breaching his curfew and failing a breath test.

At best this is tacky sales hype, more worryingly is Dappy’s desire to reinforce every negative stereotype about black men! His record company is equally responsible. What an embarrassment and insult!! Will he be rapping for the release of the killers of Mr Stephen Lawrence next?

Hopefully, all black people with means will encourage Dappy to withdraw his distasteful and offensive record, soon, and write a personal apology to Mr Philip Lawrence’s widow and children. In turn, he offends all crime victims and decent people. His records should have an embargo until he does so.

Dappy would do well to read Malcolm X and Angela Davis about genuine black dignity and social advancement.

Anniversary of London Bombings Atrocities a Reminder …

On the anniversary of the London Bombings Atrocities a blog reminder about the human tragedy, what is the quality of welfare provision and criminal compensation for crime victims in the UK, and my missing handbooks.

To All the Courageous Victims and Survivors of the London Bombings, 2005!!

In the days after the horror I contacted the Task Force and made an offer, a small gesture. After going before a scrutiny the executives of the Task Force welcomed my offer of free copies (170) of my handbook to be freely distributed to those affected by the bombings. The curious unanswered concern for me is that no one can tell me what happened after they were collected by the police several days after the Bombings, or if, as I fear they were thrown into the Thames. It’s a simple enquiry to a huge public need.

Did any one affected by the Bombings get offered a copy of my handbook along with other aids to assist them manage with the horror?

It’s strange a silence from those in control of the incident, after an appropriate scrutinized assessment and strong welcome towards my small gesture as Londoner. The only feedback I have ever received over the years since is from two survivors stating “if only we had had some thing like this at the time”. Did they get to the people or were they thrown away?

If any of those people affected by the Bombings can help unravel and provide the answer the authorities and agencies cannot I would be interested. My website shows the handbook cover and I may have placed one below this message if I’ve clicked the correct buttons.

With Very Best wishes to all of those affected!

Prime Minister Cameron intensifies his contempt and war against the British People …

Prime Minister Cameron continues to reign down his verbal and oppressive, ill-conceived policies of contempt and what appears to be like a war against British people, even the Governor of the Bank of England, Sir Mervyn King has spoken out. Quoted in the London Evening Standard recently.

Mervyn King described the behaviour of British banks as “ shoddy and deceitful ” demanding a real change in the banking industry and yet our government fails to listen to its own experts! Mervyn King criticized the “ excessive levels of compensation, shoddy treatment of customers and deception manipulation of one of the most important rates ” (for small business).

The banks, including Barclays have continued to fail to understand or care about the struggle of the people of Britain, as has been the case of the government. Britain needs well-regulated banks and a competent government. The mire we are in has been condoned and allowed to continue by government yet they refuse to call an election. This government has never shown the same latitude towards public services and the vulnerable. Imagine if you will a £500 million tax avoidance bill, or giving oneself a giant and inflated pay package for ‘ tax equalization’; imagination how government agencies would you?

And yet, still, the British people are routinely punished, and patronized by a government that has failed to deal with these out of control institutions that continue to cause so much misery for so many. This government has repeatedly shown beyond its pomposity it has nothing of value to offer its people and must go. It is also worrying that the collective mood of the British people is so seemingly depressed it does not feel motivated to even demonstrate on the streets its outrage and disapproval against this government; this is worrying! A deflated, brow beaten, weary, bullied nation is an easy to manipulate and control.

Olympic Delusional Policy Follies of UK Government …


Olympic, Delusional Policy Follies of UK Government continue to batter the struggling people and quality of the lives of the increasing majority and the increasing population of the vulnerable.

When you visit the Olympic follies look around at the holes in the roads, trains stuck in tunnels, look at the faces of the British people. Our police and emergency services have been hugely cutback in staff and resources, as has military spending. To keep you feeling safe we’ve got ground to air missiles encircling the city in the event of an attack of course in a thirty-square mile city they may just wipe-out several Londoners! Even the sun cannot be bothered to come this summer!!

This government has shown Olympic posturing and grandeur in its consistently unsuccessful policies especially those attacking public services. It has failed to show good government or good policy. This government has won gold for Olympic delusional sham while protecting the banking elite from prosecution and its own involvement in dealing with the elite of the Murdoch empire.

Go for it Cameron! Starve the poor, release the dangerously violent and imprison the students, indulge the folly and greed of the banking elite! Beijing – no Britain.

So, when exactly are the people of the UK going to say to this government – go?

So, when exactly are the people of the UK going to say to this government  – go? Why are the people of the UK so unresponsive to this oppressive, grubby, cynical government and not confidently demonstrating to demand their removal?

Is it because we are so demoralized, or happy to hide in our IPads with free internet avoiding the squalor and misery that is reality for a growing population? Are we cozy and collude with being bullied, trampled over and patronized by an ineffectual government? Is it the dread of Labour being unelectable and off the public radar? This grubby government has failed regardless of its veneer of supremacy to show social democracy and improve access to housing, health and education for its people.

There was a time in the UK when people had the sense of common good, a shared self-respect and expectation for an elected government to administer and conduct itself for the real benefit of the people of UK. We demonstrated and lobbied to forge change, so what has happened to the people of the UK that leaves us so passive and compliant?  Is this the way we want things to be for the rest of our lives?

The Spectator magazine ordered by court to pay Lawrence family …

The Spectator magazine was ordered by court to pay Lawrence family for the ‘agony it caused by nearly wrecking the Old Bailey trial of his killers.’

The Spectator was fined more than £5,000 in costs and damages for breaking reporting restrictions. Both Mr and Mrs Lawrence made it clear to the court neither wanted any money but the magazine was ordered to pay on the discretion of the District Judge Howard Riddle.

Judge Riddle referring to the complexity and sensitivity of this long awaited trial stated that it “ hung in the balance” for a short period after the publication of the article written by journalist Rod Liddle. The latter wrote the media had already judged the killers as “ bang to rights” and detailed their criminal pasts.

Judge Riddle stated ‘ All parties took very clear, strong and sensible efforts to make sure the trial process was not prejudiced and an Order was made under the Criminal Justice Act Despite the very clear terms of the order … the Spectator published the article. It placed the trial briefly in jeopardy.

The additional burden that Mr and Mrs Lawrence were forced to endure is unimaginable and their tenacity for basic justice must be loudly commended. As ‘gongs’ and knighthoods are being thrown around for crime victims what title is befitting the Lawrence family’s years and years of ordeal, and triumph?

When will this family be allowed to grieve? It is another example as to why it is time for the media to be formally bound to robust privacy law as in France; because the UK media is unable and disinclined to regulate itself. On too many crucial and deeply personal occasions it has recklessly disrupted personal lives of crime victims and potentially interfered with the process of justice. This is never in the public interest and must come to an end.

(Source’ The London Evening Standard, 7 June 2012)

Paltry sums offered for life-changing injuries (CICA) …

Dozens of victims and families (affected by the London Bombings, 2005), complained over lengthy delays to compensation payouts, and many attacked the “paltry” sums offered for life-changing injuries.

Mr Stuart Bell, today called for “urgent reforms” to the system saying delays would add the “trauma already suffered by those who survived. Mr Bell was driving the train on the Piccadilly line when the bomb went off … he had to Appeal twice before he received just over £4,000 for his psychological injuries. “These people have no closure … it just added more stress to what I was going through. Mr Bell added, “ It’s not really about the money, it’s the authorities recognizing what you have gone through … they just didn’t seem to care. When you get a paltry amount it’s like you don’t matter, you just feel worthless.”

The CICA said it paid out £11.5million in compensation altogether to 648 victims of the Bombings.

(Source: London Evening Standard 21 May 2012)

At last, Met Police (MPS – UK) responded to my complaint against their decision under FoIA and the answer …

At last, the Met Police (MPS – UK) responded to my complaint against their decision under FoIA and the answer …

At last, the Met Police (MPS – UK) responded to my complaint against their decision under the FoIA. Their answer is … the answer to access for research data regarding an arson attack claiming some thirteen murdered lives in 1994 is  … … no.

Lots, lots, lots, lots of reasons and words, and even repeatedly copying my research letter with my full name and date of birth; great, so much for privacy!

It’s all such a disappointing, excessive waste of taxpayers and police service time. My apologies to the army of champion law enforcement officers but sadly the volume of obstructive and mediocrity among decision-makers in the MPS stifles overshadows the real best practice out there. And all so predictable and it’s taken nearly six months!

Well, think I’m going to make a documentary instead on the subject. The subject is of genuine public interest and the incident affected dozens and there is a need to correct so much  misinformation ‘out there’ in cyber-world about this horrific event; it is a genuine worthwhile piece of work. There may also be many people affected that do wish to have a forum to state their views and experiences and not be silenced!