On the anniversary of the London Bombings Atrocities a blog reminder about the human tragedy, what is the quality of welfare provision and criminal compensation for crime victims in the UK, and my missing handbooks.

To All the Courageous Victims and Survivors of the London Bombings, 2005!!

In the days after the horror I contacted the Task Force and made an offer, a small gesture. After going before a scrutiny the executives of the Task Force welcomed my offer of free copies (170) of my handbook to be freely distributed to those affected by the bombings. The curious unanswered concern for me is that no one can tell me what happened after they were collected by the police several days after the Bombings, or if, as I fear they were thrown into the Thames. It’s a simple enquiry to a huge public need.

Did any one affected by the Bombings get offered a copy of my handbook along with other aids to assist them manage with the horror?

It’s strange a silence from those in control of the incident, after an appropriate scrutinized assessment and strong welcome towards my small gesture as Londoner. The only feedback I have ever received over the years since is from two survivors stating “if only we had had some thing like this at the time”. Did they get to the people or were they thrown away?

If any of those people affected by the Bombings can help unravel and provide the answer the authorities and agencies cannot I would be interested. My website shows the handbook cover and I may have placed one below this message if I’ve clicked the correct buttons.

With Very Best wishes to all of those affected!