Prime Minister Cameron continues to reign down his verbal and oppressive, ill-conceived policies of contempt and what appears to be like a war against British people, even the Governor of the Bank of England, Sir Mervyn King has spoken out. Quoted in the London Evening Standard recently.

Mervyn King described the behaviour of British banks as “ shoddy and deceitful ” demanding a real change in the banking industry and yet our government fails to listen to its own experts! Mervyn King criticized the “ excessive levels of compensation, shoddy treatment of customers and deception manipulation of one of the most important rates ” (for small business).

The banks, including Barclays have continued to fail to understand or care about the struggle of the people of Britain, as has been the case of the government. Britain needs well-regulated banks and a competent government. The mire we are in has been condoned and allowed to continue by government yet they refuse to call an election. This government has never shown the same latitude towards public services and the vulnerable. Imagine if you will a £500 million tax avoidance bill, or giving oneself a giant and inflated pay package for ‘ tax equalization’; imagination how government agencies would you?

And yet, still, the British people are routinely punished, and patronized by a government that has failed to deal with these out of control institutions that continue to cause so much misery for so many. This government has repeatedly shown beyond its pomposity it has nothing of value to offer its people and must go. It is also worrying that the collective mood of the British people is so seemingly depressed it does not feel motivated to even demonstrate on the streets its outrage and disapproval against this government; this is worrying! A deflated, brow beaten, weary, bullied nation is an easy to manipulate and control.