N-DUBZ’s, Dappy, in his new record has ‘called’ for the release of the murderer of headteacher Mr Philip Lawrence murdered by Leo Chindamo in London 1995. Chindamo breached his (Ministry of Justice) License a few years ago by meeting-up with a gang member, breaching his curfew and failing a breath test.

At best this is tacky sales hype, more worryingly is Dappy’s desire to reinforce every negative stereotype about black men! His record company is equally responsible. What an embarrassment and insult!! Will he be rapping for the release of the killers of Mr Stephen Lawrence next?

Hopefully, all black people with means will encourage Dappy to withdraw his distasteful and offensive record, soon, and write a personal apology to Mr Philip Lawrence’s widow and children. In turn, he offends all crime victims and decent people. His records should have an embargo until he does so.

Dappy would do well to read Malcolm X and Angela Davis about genuine black dignity and social advancement.