Too often innocent crime victims families in the UK are denied justice.  For a change, justice was working in Manchester thanks to the combined quality diligence of police and multi-partnership agencies that ensured a killer received thirty-year prison sentence at Manchester Crown Court, England.

Mr Anuj Bidve, was a gifted graduate student with a professional career ahead of him. Kiaran Stapleton from a dysfunctional family background and diagnosis of anti-social personality disorder. The victim had already achieved so much, and the killer, had never achieved anything. The murder was ‘motiveless’.

The remorseless performance in court Stapleton shows why society needs to be protected from such psychopathic individuals. In a country reeling from oppressive and chaotic government it is good to know justice can still work in the UK. Well done to all the multi-partnerships teams in Manchester that forged the progress from investigation to sentencing!