Olympic, Delusional Policy Follies of UK Government continue to batter the struggling people and quality of the lives of the increasing majority and the increasing population of the vulnerable.

When you visit the Olympic follies look around at the holes in the roads, trains stuck in tunnels, look at the faces of the British people. Our police and emergency services have been hugely cutback in staff and resources, as has military spending. To keep you feeling safe we’ve got ground to air missiles encircling the city in the event of an attack of course in a thirty-square mile city they may just wipe-out several Londoners! Even the sun cannot be bothered to come this summer!!

This government has shown Olympic posturing and grandeur in its consistently unsuccessful policies especially those attacking public services. It has failed to show good government or good policy. This government has won gold for Olympic delusional sham while protecting the banking elite from prosecution and its own involvement in dealing with the elite of the Murdoch empire.

Go for it Cameron! Starve the poor, release the dangerously violent and imprison the students, indulge the folly and greed of the banking elite! Beijing – no Britain.