Dozens of victims and families (affected by the London Bombings, 2005), complained over lengthy delays to compensation payouts, and many attacked the “paltry” sums offered for life-changing injuries.

Mr Stuart Bell, today called for “urgent reforms” to the system saying delays would add the “trauma already suffered by those who survived. Mr Bell was driving the train on the Piccadilly line when the bomb went off … he had to Appeal twice before he received just over £4,000 for his psychological injuries. “These people have no closure … it just added more stress to what I was going through. Mr Bell added, “ It’s not really about the money, it’s the authorities recognizing what you have gone through … they just didn’t seem to care. When you get a paltry amount it’s like you don’t matter, you just feel worthless.”

The CICA said it paid out £11.5million in compensation altogether to 648 victims of the Bombings.

(Source: London Evening Standard 21 May 2012)