Ex-Police Constable Simon Harwood, was belatedly sacked by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) yesterday with his full pension and benefits. His conduct directly led to the death of an innocent member of the public.

How the MPS can considers itself competent and satisfied with such a trivial gesture so many years too late is shameful. To attempt to buy-off the family of the innocent member of the public that was prey to Harwood’s clinical disturbing degree of rage is shameful.

How was Harwood able to lie and be re-employed by the police and his record of previous violent outbursts against innocent people and Harwood’s attempts to fabricate innocent people should have required immediate dismissal without any pension rights. How was Harwood able to benefit from sick leave and benefits while awaiting trial and the inquest should he repay the State, or victim’s family?

Why has this been allowed to take place by the MPS is shameful and unacceptable?

Hopefully, Victim Support will publicly campaign for the support of the dead man’s family (Mr Ian Tomlinson). Mr Tomlinson was an innocent victim of violent crime and as such a miscarriage of justice is being allowed to take place. (See YouTube video footage)

Again, the UK statutory bodies and central government departments have nothing to be proud about and have failed to win public confidence.