So, when exactly are the people of the UK going to say to this government  – go? Why are the people of the UK so unresponsive to this oppressive, grubby, cynical government and not confidently demonstrating to demand their removal?

Is it because we are so demoralized, or happy to hide in our IPads with free internet avoiding the squalor and misery that is reality for a growing population? Are we cozy and collude with being bullied, trampled over and patronized by an ineffectual government? Is it the dread of Labour being unelectable and off the public radar? This grubby government has failed regardless of its veneer of supremacy to show social democracy and improve access to housing, health and education for its people.

There was a time in the UK when people had the sense of common good, a shared self-respect and expectation for an elected government to administer and conduct itself for the real benefit of the people of UK. We demonstrated and lobbied to forge change, so what has happened to the people of the UK that leaves us so passive and compliant?  Is this the way we want things to be for the rest of our lives?