Has the time arrived for legislation to address the new types of severe violent crimes perpetrated by children against children? This week sees the trial in Sheffield for heinous crimes both sexual and physical in nature perpetrated by children against children and what type of punishment may they expect within the UK?

This young generation is not like any other young generation that has gone before and the government and wider society need to reflect this is the manner in which child criminals are managed and treated.

It seems the time has come for the government to act with legislation that reflects this new child generation of violent crimes against children. The extensive weight of clinical and forensic expert knowledge shows that children who begin violating at an early age very often go on to commit more and more serious grievous crimes as adolescents and young people.

Why should children not be placed on a sex offender’s register and detained in a secure forensic environment and appropriately treated for an appropriate time?  Does the damage they impact on innocent children mean less because the crime victims are children?

Have we reached the time were this is reasonable way forward for the safety of children and wider society? It is time the public were made safer from children who are sexual and violent predators are placed by law on the sex offenders register. We need statutory services held more stringently accountable when custodial sentences are due for review, especially when any possible consideration is given to types of non-custodial ‘community’ environments are considered. It seems the time has arrived for radical changes to punishment of children and adolescents that are predatory knife, or gun-touting and dangerous. Maybe it is time to review the use of secure approved schools and conscription.